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Des choses étranges ont été vendues en ligne
Irizi 28 February 2023
 Avec autant de gens qui font leurs achats en ligne de nos jours, le mème attente vs réalité ne surprend plus personne. Les sites de commerc...
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juste pour les gens intelligents 😵😵
Irizi 26 February 2023
👇 Certaines personnes ont mal répondu 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
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The best way to preserve the value of your money
Irizi 03 July 2022
What is the best place to put your money if your primary focus is to preserve its value During the recent financial crisis, both stocks and ...
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Binance virtual trading explanation full explanation 2022
Irizi 09 June 2022
  Binance virtual trading explanation can be found out, and benefit from a full explanation if you decide to try this trading. RIA is a lead...
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Meta adds a new option Calls Tab to Messenger 2022
Irizi 04 June 2022
Meta has announced the launch of a new tab for the Messenger app called Calls. The company claims that the new tab makes it simple to commun...
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Humorous marketing is a unique concept and method in the world of marketing
Irizi 04 May 2022
Humorous marketing When planning your marketing strategy, there is a very powerful tool that you may not take into consideration, and it is ...
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