Checkpoint Site to Site VPN

The second part of the tunnel, the Checkpoint NGX, a bit more things to do compared to the Forti, but again very simple stuff.
First create a network object to represent the internal network of the Forti , than an interoperable device to represent the Forti gateway and add the object as its encryption domain 
Now creating the community – the settings for the tunnel, very straight forward, choose a name then add both the local firewall and the forti object (Just created)
Choose the encryption and authentication algorithms (make sure to use same settings as the other peer)
 Exclude the IKE from the tunnel (the IKE  is used to negotiate the tunnel so it can't be inside it)
Enable shared secret and set correct secret on the peer
And last one for the community, set the DH groups and key life times, again must be same as the other peer

Now all that is left is the rules in the policy, we need 2 rules,
One to allow IKE from and to the peer and another is the actual traffic inside the tunnel

That’s it, tunnel should be up and running.
Some firewalls can only work with aggressive mode in case of problems suggest to try using it instead of the main mode.

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  1. I always add ESP and AH protocols to exclude list. And meshed VPN type is mostly built for CheckPoints - so every firewall can create a separate tunnel with other members.

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