Fortigate Site to Site VPN

I would like to add some more simple configuration, this time VPN Site to Site between a Fortigate and a CheckPoint firewalls,
For an ease of access I'll split this to two parts, so let's start with the easier, the Forti :

So, first thing – create an address object for the LAN of the NGX
With that out of the way create Phase 1, I used DES for encryption and MD5 for authentication, feel free to change it as you wish, I matched the keylife to Checkpoint's default settings

Now, phase 2 make sure to specify the source and destination for the tunnel – may cause problems if it's set to any.

And last thing to do is a rule to allow the actual tunnel,
 from internal to external action "ipsec" and choose the tunnel.

And that's it for the fortigate's side.

This configurations apply to Version 3 and above.

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