Cisco integrated device IOS upgrade

when working with an Integrated device, such as the 860W/880W the wireless module is complitly separated from the "main" device
so in case we want (or need) to perform an IOS upgrade it needs to be done seperatly for the wireless module,
unlike the regular upgrade this one is a bit more complicated,

first of all acquire an image, it comes as a "tar" archive and upload it to the cisco,
make sure to upload it to the module and not to the main device.

I done this by ftp, looks like that :

Cisco-AP# copy ftp:upload/ap801-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar flash:
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename [/upload/ap801-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar]?
Destination filename [ap801-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar]?
Loading /upload/ap801-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[OK - 6635520/4096 bytes]

Now that we have the file, we enter bootloader mode and extract it,
Done from the main device
Cisco# service-module wlan-ap 0 reset bootloader
Now log in to the module
Cisco# service-module wlan-ap 0 session

You will not be able to use regular Cisco commands, run the following :
ap: tar -xtract flash:ap801-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar flash:

after a few minutes of work it will finish the extract and verify the files,
now all we have to do is load the new IOS and verify it works,

ap: dir flash:
Directory of flash:/

4    drwx  256       <date>               ap801-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JA1
152  -rwx  5         <date>               private-config
156  -rwx  1048      <date>               private-multiple-fs
158  drwx         384   Jan 1 1970 00:09:36 +00:00  ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1

ap: dir flash:ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1
            Directory of flash:ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1/

159  drwx  64        <date>               html
303  -rwx  5692562   <date>               ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1
304  -rwx  174876    <date>               8001.img
305  -rwx  15352     <date>               A5.bin
306  -rwx  1616      <date>               A2.bin
307  -rwx  286       <date>               info

ap: boot flash:ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1/ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1

Loading "flash:ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1/ap801-k9w7-mx.124-25d.JA1"...##################
And in case it loades ok and works as it soould remove the old IOS to make sure the module boot to the new one directly,
Cisco-AP#show flash:

Directory of flash:/

    4  drwx         256   Jan 1 1970 00:07:40 +00:00  ap801-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JA1
Cisco-AP# delete /force /recursive flash: ap801-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JA1

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  1. This help alot from a bad flash recovery
    Thanks !!!!!!!

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