Forti SSL-VPN after MS update KB2585542

Thanks to an security update made by Microsoft (KB2585542) it was not possible to connect via the SSL-VPN web portal.

The issue is resolved by one of the following ways
The simplest off course - roll back and remove the update
If this is not an option (i cant see why but let's assume ) there is a quick work around by disabling the use of TLS 1.0 in the IE options and enabling 1.1 and 1.2 instead, this can be done at Internet Options > Advanced > Security

And in case there are to many users to run between computers and applying this "silly" work around's,
there is the option of the firmware upgrade.
From what i found v4 MR2 patch 6 should solve the problem - when i tested it - firefox is able to connect IE still has the same problems,
More research showed that v4 MR3 patch 5 is the salvation and my tested seem to prove it,
I am not sure if it that upgrade or some in between the two but working with a client's fortinet i could not experiment further..

While the Portal were unreachable, it did not affect SSL-VPN client who worked properly all this time.

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