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Writing an article on bloggers professionally 2022

Writing an article on bloggers professionally

(1) Write the title of the subject matter or article on the blogger:

Writing the title of the article (Post Tittle) is the first and most necessary step, it must be in accordance with the guidelines of SEO. It is also indicative and expressive of the topic, on which the following steps are based.

Writing an article on bloggers professionally

(2) Writing the article description:

Writing the article description or metadata, which is one of the most vital factors to be taken care of. It seems under the title of your article on search engines. It should be captivating and give an explanation for the article in no more than a hundred and fifty characters.

(3) Article link:

Or (Permalink) and it is in English after you translate the title of your article, except prepositions. Remember to put a signal (-) between words and do not use spaces between them.

(4) Labels in a Blogger article:

They are the sections in which the article or subject is categorised so that it is convenient to archive the article on your website online and appear when searching for it.

The labels need to be expressive and indicative of the articles. It is preferable to select three labels with the separation between them with a signal (,).

(5) Text-Align:

This relies upon on the language in which you will write the article, so it will be to the right in Arabic. And to the left in English and so on.

(6) Headings and sub-headings in an article on Blogger:

One of the most important factors that ought to be taken into account and taken care of, in your writing on Blogger, so that you can coordinate the article and divide its contents.

It also appears valuable and expert in the front of the vacationer or reader, and this point helps the search engines to exhibit the article and its content. It is necessary to encompass key phrases and keywords in these headlines and sub-headings.

This can be completed thru the Format menu, as follows:

Choose the regular font to write paragraphs on the topic.

Choose Heading to write the headlines in the article.

Use subheadings for subheadings, and there is additionally a Minor heading if there are subheadings.

(7) How to add links to an article in a Blogger blog:
And by shading on the words that you favor to merge with exterior or interior links, to clarify more data or as a source of information.
Then click on on (Link) the phrases you have highlighted will appear, and in the (Web address) field, enter your link.
And do not overlook to put a checkmark in the front of (open link in new window) or open the hyperlink in a new window so that the reader remains in your topic.
You  also pay attention to a point in the case of referring to an external link, which is to put a checkmark in front of this site, which is a technical point in the rankings of search engines.
In order no longer to withdraw from the ranking of your website for this site, which reduces your visibility and your chances of being ranked first in search engines.

(8) How to add an image to the article in Blogger:

The importance of adding the image to the article is due to the truth that it is an beautiful way to read your article on every occasion it is expressive, as it appears when searching on Google Images.

Therefore, it is preferable to change the identify of the photograph on your device. It is also preferable to pick out pix from your gadget and not use an external supply to download them.

You may use more than one illustrative picture in the article, as needed.

Adding the picture is by way of selecting the area the place you choose to area it, then clicking on the image icon in the main bar.

And then pick out the picture you want to put in the article, whether or not in the middle, right, or left. And eliminate the hyperlink from the picture and make it appear in the normal measurement and click on (Properties) to add the description of the image, if you have not already achieved so on your device, enter the choice text that helps your article appear when searching for this topic the usage of tags and keywords.

(9) Add prices to the article:

It is positioned in a shaded container to point out and focal point on a specific point to attract the reader's interest and direct the focus toward the article thru those words.

(10) The ultimate step is to memorize the article:

By pressing (Save) to view later or review it to complete certain points you can also see later.
After this, there is nothing left but to post by pressing (Publish).

Thus, you have completed writing a blog on Blogger with first-rate professionalism, and by means of the objective exercise of the steps, you will find that the topic is very easy and simple.