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How to learn css easily for beginners 2022:

How to learn CSS easily for beginners:

Perhaps learning CSS for novice designers is a dream, but some see it as a difficult dream. Learning Patience to learn, as a person usually wants to learn anything quickly because he looks at things from the outside as simple and fast, and the same is the case with learning anything new, and once he encounters any problem, it becomes difficult, but you have to be patient to learn and achieve your goal.

At first, CSS is a technology that appeared to make things easier for designers. You have to know this rule, which is this technology that came to you, to help you improve your designs on the web and facilitate design for the web, and with the new generation of CSS 3.0, it will improve and add more beauty to your work on the web and will help you make a lot of effects different easily.

Why should you master CSS?

You master it because it makes it easier for you to design for the web and add wonderful effects to your design and take your design out of being a static image into a live website that interacts with visitors, and your design does not lose its elegance on the web.

It also came to facilitate the visitor who reviews your design in the form of a website .. from his own device, whether a laptop, desktop, or mobile, and also with different browsers, whether Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Helping the visitor through his browser to see the site properly on his favorite browser, and also came to the search engines to show the site archived well and better, and facilitate access to your site with ease by following a set of instructions for SEO.

It was also made for ease of development in the event of a desire in the future to modify the design or change some formats, through which such changes can be made and you will not feel any effort like before.

So, through this question, I answered the question of any novice designer, which is why I should learn such a technique.

Is learning this technique difficult, easy, or impossible?

Believe me, learning this technique is easy, but it requires a set of procedures that you must walkthrough, and you will find that learning this technique is simple, God willing, and you have to start the right way to learn it. And I was excited to learn it when I saw a software product for a friend of mine..made with this program. 

I was amazed, and I wanted to learn to program in Visual Basic. I brought a book called MS VB 6.0 Bible, and it was a book that called for the impossibility of learning due to several factors, including Because it is a large size category, it also does not focus on anything and makes things difficult Consequently, I was tired and tired of learning and stopped because the beginning was difficult and at that time I did not find a helping hand that appointed me to complete it.

The same is the case with CSS. If you start wrong, you will feel that education is difficult and that this technique is complex and came to make things difficult for you, not to make them easier! But the matter is different .. where learning must be carefully studied, so how is this?

  • You must first use the sites for beginners and also simplified books, and I recommend at first Arabic books to learn CSS. Put it, and its various characteristics.

Well, now I started on the first road, and with this start, you can use Arabic sites suitable for beginners, I posted a post for different Arabic sites suitable for beginners, and if you are fluent in English, this will make things easier for you. You can use Google and you will find thousands of sites that start explaining this technique from the beginning.

What then, after you have learned the basics of this language, you want to go deeper and make something realistic and visual, you have to make a simple design, for example, on Photoshop and apply the lessons you learned and apply CSS commands and properties, and you will find with repetition that you are starting to learn.

– Is it not without difficulties?

How to learn css easily for beginners 2022:

 No, I will be frank with you. You will find problems and that there are things that you will find in practical examples that you did not see in-text lessons, but with the web, Google, and search. You will find a solution for every problem through your practical experience in seeing the CSS codes for free templates scattered on the web and your vision for them By analyzing the code, you will find with time that you actually started learning this technique.

What then you have to practice and from here you will gain experience and day after day you will find yourself mastering this language, these are in short the stages of learning this CSS technique and I will provide you with some links to help sites to learn  English CSS for your reference.

  1. W3Schools
  2.  SoloLearn
  3. Codecademy
  4.  freeCodeCamp
  5. Lynda

Well, this is what I have thnk you all.