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XEC Coin Project

XEC Coin Project What is the XEC Coin Project

in the cryptocurrency world that we hear about today, the XEC coin project is one of the successful cryptocurrency projects, the launch of which was very popular with the developers. So what is the XEC digital currency project? And where to buy it? And what makes it such a special currency? Follow our article to find out. 

The XEC coin was launched by the developers, completing the success streak of Bitcoin Cash, which is known globally for its high market value. 

XEC Coin Project

This fact gives great importance to the XEC coin and makes it a popular currency on many popular trading platforms, including Binance.

 It increased the importance of the currency project, its circulation at a large daily rate, and its conversion and sending mechanism, which is similar to the principle of exchanging e-mails, in addition to the privacy it enjoys as a result of this mechanism in the world of the Internet available to everyone. 

Thus, it can be said that it is a successful, developed, and reliable project that pushes you to buy it, trade it and get it simply through the trading platforms.



What is the XEC Cryptocurrency


XEC is one of the cryptocurrencies created by the Bitcoin developer team, called “BITCOIN ABC” Thus, its launch project is a continuation of the success and development of Bitcoin Cash. 

XEC coin, also known as “ECASH” was launched to open up the opportunities that can be achieved by integrating the technology that supported the success of Bitcoin with the basic features of its launch.

 On the other hand, the XEC coin works according to the “PROOF OF STAKE” algorithm.

 It is based on the “AVALANCH” blockchain, to be able to conduct instant transactions, increase security factors, and gain unbroken updates.

 In addition to the above, the mechanism for using the XEC coin is similar to the mechanism for sending emails.

 If you buy XEC coins, you can simply send and transfer money, and pay for goods and services. and without revealing your identity as a sender.



What is the XEC Coin Project

The idea of ​​launching the XEC coin project came by Dr. “David Chaim” in 1983 in the era of change and renaissance.

 When Dr. decided to make currencies advance financial freedom, he considered launching ECASH to defend payment privacy, and to be able to create an anonymous payment system in the digital world.

 With the availability of Internet services in 1990, “David” was able to implement his idea, launching the ECASH coin by creating the “digicash” company. 

The launch of the coin was based on the principle of "blind signatures". A blind signature denotes a digital signature in which the message content is not visible (invisible) before the signature. 

DAVID has resorted to this principle so that users cannot create links between withdrawal and spending transactions to ensure privacy. The funds used in the blind signature system are called “cyberbucks.” After that, the company “digicash” gained a lot of popularity and fame, and signed many deals with banks willing to use the platform, such as “Deutsche Bank” and “Credit Suisse”.

 Even though Microsoft was interested in the currency for its operating systems, the contract deals between Microsoft and “digicash” did not work out.

 After many successful deals and the business process of "digicash", it declared bankruptcy in 1998 and was sold to "ecash technologies", which owns the "due" brand, which is ranked today as one of the ten best electronic wallets in the world.



Where to buy XEC coin



it is known that cryptocurrencies, including XEC tokens, can be purchased through well-known exchanges. As for the XEC coin, it is preferable to buy it through the “BINANCE” platform, which has a daily trading volume of approximately $100 million.

 It is recommended to create an account on the Binance platform to be able to buy the currency, and if you do not have an account, you must create one on the platform by going to the home page of the platform from here, filling in your registration data, and verifying your account on the platform. 

However, the currency cannot be purchased directly, but bitcoins must first be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges, and then must be transferred to the exchange where the XEC token is traded.



XEC Coin Privacy

There must be a way to protect personal freedom when trading cryptocurrencies, and this was one of the primary goals when XEC was created by the early developers of Bitcoin, who were working in the areas of Internet problem solving and financial privacy.

 But after the development of data analysis and tracking technologies, the privacy technology of Bitcoin did not evolve, and it remained the same. 

Therefore, the XEC coin now supports the “cash fusion” protocol that provides the possibility of anonymity and can be turned on and off at any time. As such, XEC is considered one of the best privacy coins.



What makes the XEC coin special

One of the most important advantages of XEC coin is that it is a protocol that helps to enhance the security of blockchain technologies and to simplify future network upgrades. 

In addition to its support for tokens and dividend payments. This means that if you want to create your cryptocurrency, the ecash platform will support it.


 Also, one of the advantages of the currency is that it makes continuous improvements and developments to its code, which makes the cryptocurrency more scalable, consuming, and closer to the concept of digital cash Bitcoin. 

It is also characterized by combining the main features of Bitcoin, which are the configuration block, and protocol governance.



The price of the XEC currency against the dollar

The price of the XEC coin against the US dollar today is around 0.00022105 USD. The 24-hour trading volume of the coin is approximately $72,644.164. 

The market value of the XEC coin is around $4,212,052,499. Knowing that these percentages are subject to change according to the stability of the economic market.

 Where these percentages fluctuate periodically according to specific graphs. However, the XEC coin achieves more economic stability than others, because it was launched from the development of Bitcoin

 In conclusion, after getting acquainted with the XEC coin project.

 We find that it is indeed one of the currencies that has many advantages, and has great privacy in the principle of its trading, buying, and sending, unlike many digital currencies.