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Meta adds a new option Calls Tab to Messenger 2022

Meta has announced the launch of a new tab for the Messenger app called Calls. The company claims that the new tab makes it simple to communicate with friends and family through the app with a single click.

The new Calls tab is now accessible on every iOS device. It will be available to Android users in the coming weeks.

In the app's bottom navigation, the new Calls tab displays next to the Chats, Stories, and People tabs.

The contacts list appears when you click on the new tab. Users had to establish a thread with a buddy to connect before this update.

The new tab simplifies the process by allowing users to immediately contact their pals.

The Calls tab might also be a way for Meta to introduce the option to users who are unfamiliar with Messenger's calling capabilities.

Voice and video chats via Messenger have expanded at a quick rate, according to the firm, with more than 40% of callers every day compared to early 2020.

According to the company, more than 300 million voice and video conversations are held every day using Messenger.

The Telepresence Group, the product and platform team responsible for the range of video and audio calling experiences that enable META technologies, built the new Calls page.

The new Calls tab, according to the business, is one of several additions meant to promote a better user experience.

Meta has been working on enhancing Messenger and delivering a number of new features over the last several months.

The business launched additional features and shortcuts in March. The "including everyone" function sends a message to all participants in the chat.

I also included the silent/feature, which prevents group members from receiving notification of your message if you write silent/ before sending a message in a group chat.

Messenger's split payments functionality was made available to all iOS and Android users in the United States in February.

Late last year, the business started testing the function as a method for customers to split the cost of bills and other costs via the app.